Ansys Dynamic Reporting, documented as Nexus, provides the report generator technologies that are used in several Ansys products. Ansys Dynamic Reporting allows you to collect data in multiple formats from different sources. You can then aggregate, analyze, and display this data in highly interactive reports.

Here are some key features of Ansys Dynamic Reporting:

  • Handles multiple data formats natively.

  • Stores data from multiple sources, including CAD packages, simulation software, and postprocessors.

  • Provides tools for aggregating, filtering, and processing the data in the database.

  • Supplies a web-based interface for quickly and intuitively interacting with database items.

  • Includes a template editor for generating report templates.

  • Displays live reports that automatically update when new data is available.

  • Generates reports with a high degree of interactivity.

What is PyDynamicReporting?#

PyDynamicReporting is part of the PyAnsys ecosystem. It is a Python client library that allows you to start and connect to an Ansys Dynamic Reporting service and control the database and reports. It also provides you with quick access to web components so that you can easily embed items or reports in other apps.

Documentation and issues#

Documentation for the latest stable release of PyDynamicReporting is hosted at PyDynamicReporting documentation.

In the upper right corner of the documentation’s title bar, there is an option for switching from viewing the documentation for the latest stable release to viewing the documentation for the development version or previously released versions.

You can also view or download the PyDynamicReporting cheat sheet. This one-page reference provides syntax rules and commands for using PyDynamicReporting.

On the PyDynamicReporting Issues page, you can create issues to report bugs and request new features. On the Discussions page on the Ansys Developer portal, you can post questions, share ideas, and get community feedback.

To reach the project support team, email


PyDynamicReporting is licensed under the MIT license.

PyDynamicReporting makes no commercial claim over Ansys whatsoever. This library extends Ansys Dynamic Reporting by adding a Python interface to Ansys Dynamic Reporting without changing the core behavior or license of the original software. The use of PyDynamicReporting requires a legally licensed copy of an Ansys product that supports Ansys Dynamic Reporting.

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